Trio Terrace

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Trio Terrace

Project Details

Project Area: 27.300 m2
Project Type: Mass Housing
Number of Residences: 52
Housing Types: 3+1 ve 4,5+1

Trio Terrace awaits its residents as a living space beyond dreams, with its architecture located in the center of the city and powered by innovation.

Trio Terrace, which has an attractive design in every respect with its modern design, also attracts with its location. Our project, which is a candidate to be the most popular living space in Gaziantep, is located in the most popular location of the city.

Our project, which will offer a peaceful living space with its safe structure that is 100% compliant with earthquake regulations, also manages to be a living space in itself, thanks to the easy access and transportation it offers due to its central location, as well as the shops or stores within the project.

Trio Terrace, which offers the opportunity to have a nice and enjoyable time both individually and as a family, thanks to the social facilities included in the project, also has both open and closed car parks.

3+1 Sample Flat

4,5+1 Sample Flat

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