The Trio Terrace Project, which was started by BALPA İnşaat in the Batıkent region of Gaziantep in 2021, has been completed. Within the scope of the project, a total of 52 residences consisting of 3+1 and 4.5+1 apartments are waiting for their owners.

Trio Terrace awaits its residents as a living space beyond dreams, with its architecture located in the center of the city and powered by innovation. Trio Terrace, which has an attractive design in every respect with its modern design, also attracts with its location. Our project, which is a candidate to be the most popular living space in Gaziantep, is located in the most popular location of the city.

Our project, which will offer a peaceful living space with its safe structure that is 100% compliant with earthquake regulations, also manages to be a living space in itself, thanks to the easy access and transportation it offers due to its central location, as well as the shops or stores within the project. Trio Terrace, which offers the opportunity to have a nice and enjoyable time both individually and as a family, thanks to the social facilities included in the project, also has both open and closed car parks.

Social Areas

Our project offers not only a residential area, but also a living space that strengthens social ties. Trio Terrace aims to develop neighborhoods with parks, green areas and spaces specially designed for groups’ activities.


The safety of our residents is given top priority. With its advanced security systems and professional security personnel, Trio Terrace opens the doors to a comfortable and safe life.

Restaurants and Shops

The project includes a variety of amenities and shops for you to enjoy the city. Stores where you can enjoy delicious food and have fun and shopping are just a few of the privileges offered by Trio Terrace.

Car Park

Trio Terrace offers a comfortable life with both open and closed parking areas. Low-stress parking solutions for vehicle owners are designed to increase the freedom of life.