BALPA İnşaat won the tender opened by Emlak Konut GYO, which has made a name for itself with the tenders it organizes, for the Ispartakule Mass Housing Project, which it plans to build in Bahçeşehir. To date, it has hosted approximately 100 thousand people with 20 thousand residences and has undertaken the construction of many universities, hospitals, industrial sites, mass housing, organized industrial sites, free zone construction, hydro-electric power plants, indoor sports halls, stadiums and factories in the country and abroad. Atan BALPA İnşaat will build 904 flats consisting of 13 blocks on behalf of Emlak Konut in the Residential section of Ispartakule Houses 1st Stage 2nd Section. The company, which will build 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 flats, will also build 32 classrooms, a school, a parking garage and social areas in the same project.

Muharrem Balat, Chairman of the Board of MB Holding, said in his statement on the subject, “We are extremely happy to receive the Ispartakule project, which is a project we have been following for a long time. We have undertaken very important projects in the field of Mass Housing construction in recent years. As MB Holding, we are one of the most beautiful buildings in Istanbul. “We aim to bring a prestigious project to Bahçeşehir, which is one of the hotspots. Our project will be a mixed project consisting of residence, school and social area, which will include 3 functions. Balat said that the project to be built will also be a quality living center and said: “The most Our biggest reference is the trust of the tender authorities and our customers. We will continue on our way without compromising our principles in this project, and we will not only produce housing but also turn the project into a social life center. Emlak Konut Ispartakule project, which will consist of 13 blocks, will also make a big impact with its landscaping and landscaping. “Life will be comfortable and safe in houses with modern lines,” he said.

Project Cost: 240 Million Turkish Liras

Muharrem Balat, who informed that the mass housing construction will start in the coming days, said in his statement; “The cost of our project, the construction of which will start in the coming days, is 240 million Turkish Liras and will be completed in approximately 900 days. Our project, which has a total construction area of 226 thousand m2, will be built using the earthquake-resistant Tunnel formwork system and Conventional formwork system, which will ease the real estate market on the European side and enable many citizens to own homes.” “It will contribute,” he concluded his words.